Ultimate Travel Hacks in Indian Railway Journey

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Indian Railway Journey with Smart Travel Hacks

During the long journeys in India, most of us prefer to travel on Indian Railway. Because it gives comfort at different level as compare to Bus or travel by own vehicles.

Peoples prefer to travel in AC Coach but a majority of travelers choose Non AC Coach. And there they may face the issue of theft of their lightweight luggage i.e laptop, mobile charger, carry bags or may face other issues.

So in this blog m sharing a few travel hacks that will be useful while Journey on the Indian railway.

1. Always book or choose upper birth to sleep. As no one will ask or disturb you to exchange seats.

2. Keep the copy of your personal documents in Google Drive rather than having the original one.

3. Always keep your bags besides your head as a pillow. Also for this purpose upper birth is the safest option. If you are at lower birth then be sure to close the window before sleeping as anyone can access your bag through the window.

If you are at side birth then keep your hand in the bag strap, if someone tries to pull your bag then you will get notice.

4. You should be more precautious if your birth is near Coach doors. Lock your bags with a seat by the chain if possible.

5. Don’t keep your phone or any expensive items near the open window when the train moves slowly while leaving any station or passing another train. There may be a chance of snatching.

6. Very important for solo travelers. If you are traveling solo and want to go washroom then only go when the train running at speed. Because during halt there is more chance of thefts at those moments when you are not with your luggage.

7. Always buy water bottles and food from government vendors. That would be a better and safer option.

8. Don’t indulge in any unwanted arguments with fellow passengers, that may cause any dispute with them.

9. During boarding or De-boarding the train you should keep your phone and wallet safe.

10. During a long journey, definitely you have multiple devices i.e phone, camera, laptop, wireless headset, power bank, etc. that need to be powered charged. For that purpose always carry good quality multiple socket extension boards.                           

11. Always keep the power bank as an additional power source in case of non-availability or faulty main PowerPoint in the coach.

12. Especially during the night of De-boarding the train, always set alarm 30 minutes before the time when the train is supposed to reach your destination station. So that you have enough time to wind up your stuff and de-board the train without losing any items inside the train.

13. And if you have night travel then sleep early and wake up soon in the morning. By this trick, you will not stand in a queue in the morning for the washroom and can use a clean toilet.

14. Keep installing the best Indian Railway app on your phone to update yourself about live train running status, next station, or train running late details.

And the last tip is, Twitter Handle of the Indian Railway is active and responsive. You can tweet in any emergency.

Thanks for reading this post.

And you are welcome to share your Train Travel Journey in the comment section that will guide us.


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