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How to Travel on Budget topic is very much in discussion among peoples who loves to travel. According to me Traveling is never ended process, no one can say that he or she completed their traveling. Most of us love to travel but having many questions in mind like how to travel, which is the best places to visit, should we opt travel insurance so that we can low down our emergency expenses, Should we go as Solo Traveler or in Groups.

But Travel on Budget is one of the main questions in mind that most of us think a lot before any travel start that how much it costs in the total journey, will we get any budget accommodation, should we prefer traveling by own car or hired taxi, sometimes we look for any offer from airlines and travel agencies for best deal packages, or should we go in the off-season so that we get budget stay.

In this, All Travel Story blog here are 10 travel tips which will be useful when we think “How to Travel on Budget” while planning to travel and want our trip expenses should be under control.

One of the best ways to lower down your travel expenses is by using Public Transport. In public transport traveling with locals is a different type of experience, you can talk with them to get knowledge about nearby tourist places, will be able to know more about their culture in detail.

Budget Accommodation

Accommodation is also a major factor in budget travel. We can low down our overall expenses when selecting types of stay. Staying in hostel and camp is an economical option comparing with hotels and resorts.

Best Place to Stay

As we noticed that as much as close we stay at tourist point, we get high price accommodation, but if we choose to stay before or after the main tourist location then we definitely get low price stay options.

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Traveling at Night

Even traveling during night time is not suitable and preferable if driving own vehicle. But if you choose public transport as discussed above then you should prefer night travel as it saves your night stay cost and also you have a full day to roam around.

Street Food

After transportation and Accommodation, eating is another factor, by which you can control your trip expenses. It depends on where you eat, it may a tourist restaurant or local food point. Local food points mean where local people eat i.e. street food. It is observed that there is much variation at both eating points which are mentioned above in terms of price.


We mostly do and have a perception that when we are on travel, we spend too much to feel something special. If we want to travel in budget then we should make ourselves in control in Spendthrift. 

If we spend as like we used to live at home or local place i.e use public transport, walk as much as possible, purchase raw material directly from shops and cook by own if possible then this trick will help us a lot in controlling our budget while traveling.

Carry a Water Bottle

The cost of purchasing a water bottle is very less amount, but when we calculate all purchases of only water bottles is equal to a good amount. Can we cut down this cost in our whole trips? Yes, it is possible. We only need to keep a reusable water bottle with us and refill it when we take a break for breakfast, lunch, or any refreshment.

Advanced Reusable Personal Filter Water Bottle

I followed this trick in my whole Kedarnath Temple journey. It was 02 days and 02-night travel and I did not spend a single paisa on water bottle purchase. I bring a water bottle from home and refilled it again & again during the whole trip.

Walking Tour

Exploring new places on walks is much memorable and also cost-effective. While on a walking tour, we can learn more about new places, their main market, local food points, and many more which I could have missed by traveling by any vehicle.

Off-Season Travel

For budget travelers, always prefer to plan in off-peak season. For example, if you plan during student holidays then you will charge more because at this time the travel agency hiked their prices. So always do not plan during these days. 

There is a lot of benefit of off-season travel i.e. flight tickets of low price, cheap accommodation & easily available, less crowed so that you can easily explore landscapes and targeted tourist places.

Advance Booking

It is good practice if you book in advance because the price of an urgent booking is higher than booking in advance. Whether it is booking of hotel, train or flight. For example, if you buy a flight ticket on an urgent basis, it cost you very high.

These are some basic points mentioned above which can make your travel in budget.

Have a Nice Trip

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