Solo Travel: The Pros and Cons

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Many people in the world like to go on a trip with a group. This group can be of friends, colleagues or family members. But some strollers enjoy traveling alone on every journey. Solo Travel is especially for those people who live in their own world. solo travel India is become famous. Here is many solo travel groups who do arrangement as solo travel for woman.  Solo travel also has many pros and cons. Maybe knowing the benefits of traveling alone you also start traveling solo. We are telling you some advantages or disadvantages of Solo Travel.

Preparing for your own

Your own preparation also plays an important role in traveling alone. Pack your bag well, keep the clothes according to the place of rotation, keep some cash, amount in payment apps and keep plastic money too, carry minimum 02 ID Proof, keep a reusable water bottle (Link given from Amazon),

Remember to keep hard copy of the receipt of your hotel booking, your mobile and its charger (Multiple port charger from Amazon for multi-devices)
make sure that you get both your arrival and departure reservations done in advance and also have hard copy of same or keep all necessary documents of your vehicle if traveling by own, try to keep the least amount of goods. If you follow all above your Solo Travel will be fun.

Know your Destination

Whenever you travel Solo, first of all, you should get the complete information about the place where you are going, like the weather there, the language there. What is the most important sightseeing places there, you can get all these information with the help of the internet or from any mouth of your relatives or friends who already visited that place. 


With their help, you can also manage to stay according to your budget, you can get a good Dharamshala or you can book a budget hotel by their reference. In solo traveling women faces more problem of living because all hotels are not safe, so women should arrange their stay very carefully.

Take care of your safety

In Traveling Alone, you have to pay special attention to your safety. Suppose you have to go washroom on train or bus, then you should keep your bag safe. If you are alone, be careful, do not trust any unknown person soon.

Seek the help of local people

If you face any kind of difficulty in reaching or finding anything, then you can carefully ask any shopkeeper or any other local person around you.

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Benefits of Solo Travel or Traveling Alone

The biggest advantage of solo travel is that you are the owners of your own choice, you can do whatever you want, you can stay wherever you want, you can stop anywhere and eat what you want to eat nobody is going to stop you.

Favorite food

Many times it happens that you feel like eating non-veg on the journey, but the rest of your group are vegetarians. In such a situation, you cannot eat non-veg even if you wish. There is no such problem in traveling alone. You can eat whatever you feel comfortable with.

No restriction

Another example if you smoke sometimes and even on the journey, you want to smoke to relax and enjoy. But the rest of the friends traveling in the group do not smoke and repeatedly interrupt you, it can spoil the fun of your journey. It is best to travel alone for this. There will be no one to interrupt you on small matters and you will be able to enjoy the journey comfortably as per your rules.

Plan according to your choice

When traveling with friends, you have to take care of many things. You have to change the plan according to your friend’s holidays, which is sometimes annoying. In such a situation, make a plan alone and get out on an exciting journey.

Meet yourself on the journey and get lost

You can meet yourself by traveling alone. There will be no one to speak and no one to interrupt. Only you and your journey, talk to yourself comfortably during the journey and enjoy the journey to the fullest. Tripping solo is also a way to meet yourself.

Cheap travel and fun too

Sometimes your budget is low but your friends want to stay and eat in an expensive hotel. Since you have traveled with the group, you have to be involved in their decision. In such a situation, financial burden increases without any talk on you. You do not have to face this trouble in traveling alone. You can save money by staying in any dharamshala or budget hotels.

Learn a lot

You get to learn a lot from Single Travel or Solo Travel. If someone elder is with you, then you mostly depend on his decision and do not put much of your mind in any work, but if no one is with you, every small things like where you have to go, where and what to eat, you will go by bus or by hiring a car, this decision will be yours only, this makes you responsible, your scope of thinking increases, this situation force you to fight with your weaknesses.

Making new friends

Solo Travel makes new friends, for example: if you go out with your family or friends, then you will mostly only talk with your group people, but if you are alone then you are unaware of your surroundings. You will start a conversation with people and those unknown people will probably become your friends, you will make new friends and your conversation skills will also improve.

Free to Roam

You can roam around whenever or wherever you want, but with friends or family you have to compromise your wishes, It may possible that one or two of them do not have time and your plan is wasted. Now, if you’ve to roam alone, you do not mean to anyone else, whenever you want, you can go to Single Travel.

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Disadvantages of solo travel

In single travel you should be a little vigilant, whenever you go alone, you keep talking to your housemates in a while, you do not get more interactive with an unknown person. You have to pay much attention because there is no one known to you.

Solo Travel sometimes has some expensive things, for example, a hotel room. Suppose a two-bedroom is available for Rs. 3000, if you are two people, then each will cost 1500rs but if you are alone then you only have to pay full rent.

Food in Solo Travel is also expensive, if you are two people, and order some variety food in a hotel then you can both shared and ate whatever bill comes you have to pay half amount but you will have to pay the full bill when you are alone. Whether you eat all meal or not.

Most of the time you have to work with Selfie in Solo Travel, because of whom you will say repeatedly, to click a photo, your mobile or camera is full of Selfie.

And you face big trouble when you are in line to get tickets or go to the washroom, then there is no one to check your luggage.

Travel Solo Quotes

  • “As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are!”
  • “Traveling solo means getting to know the real you!”
  • “A traveler should be happy, not perfect”
  • “Traveling solo took away my irrational fears”
  • “Being a solo traveler made me an adult”
  • “Just because my path is different, doesn’t mean I am lost”
  • “Traveling solo made me a stronger person”
  • “You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you”
  • “Traveling the world on my own made me more confident. I am me now”


In this post, I told you in detail about Solo Travel Tips, what is your opinion, please tell us by commenting below about Solo Travel is good or bad. what do you think about Solo travel?

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