Pushkaram Pushkaraalu Pushkaraha

Pushkaram Pushkaraalu Pushkaraha

“My dear countrymen, Pushkaram, Pushkaraalu, Pushkaraha – have you ever heard these terms? Do you know what these are? Let me tell you. These are the different names by which festivals organized on 12 different rivers across the country are called. One river every year…that means it would recur on that particular river after 12 years…and this festival is held sequentially every year in 12 different rivers spread across the country …and it lasts for 12 long days. 

Just like the Kumbh festival, this, encourages the concept of national unity. And echoes the philosophy of “Ek Bharat-ShreshTh Bharat” (One India Best India)…Pushkaram is a festival in which the greatness of the river, the glory of the river, the importance of the river in our lives…all these are brought forth naturally.
Our forefathers put a lot of emphasis on nature, on environment, on water, on land, on forests.

They understood the importance of rivers and tried to inculcate a positive mindset towards rivers in the society. They constantly strove to conflate the river with the cultural stream, the stream of tradition, and with the society. And the interesting thing is that not only did it bring the society closer to the rivers, it also brought people closer to each other.

Last year in 2018 the Pushkaram was held on the TaamirabaraNi river in Tamil Nadu. This year in 2019 it was held on the Brahmaputra river. Next year it will be held in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the Tungabhadra river.”

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Pushkaram is a festival dedicated to the worship of rivers in India. It is also known as Pushkaralu in Telugu and Pushkarah or Pushkar in Kannada.

Pushkaram 2018

Pushkaram 2018 in Tamil Nadu was celebrated in Tamraparni River when Jupiter was in their zodiac sign (Scorpio). In the four places where River Tamrapni flows from south to north direction, Banathirtham, Papanasam, Thirupudaimaruthur and Sinthupoondurai, the festival was celebrated at shrine place of bank of river.

Pushkaram 2019

Pushkaram 2019 was held on the Brahmaputra river from November 5-16. Jupiter enter in zodiac sign of Dhanu Rashi. 2019 Pushkaram is organized by Assam govt. they did appreciated work towards managing this event.

They did a wonderful job in terms of hospitality for pilgrims from all over the country. They ensure plastic-free zones. Provided Bio-toilets at many places. And also paid great attention to cleanliness. Brahmaputra Pushkaram were held previously in 2007.

Tungabhadra Pushkaralu 2020

In 2020 Pushkaralu will celebrate on Tungabhadra river. Tungabhadra Pushkara muhurth is 1:23am, 20 November 2020, Friday to 01 December 2020, Tuesday.

Tungabhadra river is also known as river Pampa in Karanataka state. It is 12 days festival of praying to river Tungabhadra to show their respects by thousands of devotees. Devotees pray for their well beings, good rains, crops and agriculture during this Pushkaralu festival.

As already said above in Mann Ki Baat by PM Narender Modi It is celebrated at shrines of banks of 12 main sacred rivers in India, worship one river every year according to the Zodiac sign of that particular river. 

The 12 days after the Jupiter enters that particular zodiac sign as considered as Aadi Pushkaram and when Jupiter exit the zodiac signs are considered as Antya Pushkaram. As per the Jupiter movement in corresponding zodiac sign of same river will worship again after 12 years. 

This celebration Pushkaram, Pushkaraalu or Pushkaraha includes activities such as bath in river, charity, recitation of mantras and meditation. At the time of celebration, a dip in the holy river is believed to erase all sins and soul get purified.

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Pushkaram Festival Dates

12 Scared Rivers in India with their Zodiac sign Pushkaram festival
Hindu Zodiac SignWestern Zodiac SignSacred RiverPushkaram Dates
MeshaAriesGangaApril 22-May 5, 2023
KarkaCancerYamunaJune 2-13, 2026
VrishabhaTaurusNarmadaMay 1-13, 2024
MithunaGeminiSaraswathiMay 15-26, 2025
SimhaLeoGodavariJune 26- July 7, 2027
KanyaVirgoKrishnaAugust 12-23 2028
TulaLibraKaveriSeptember 12-23, 2029
VrishchikaScorpioBhimarathi River (Tambraparni)October 12-23, 2018
DhanusSagittariusBrahmaputraNov 5-16, 2019
MakaraCapricornTungabhadraMarch 30-April 10, 2020
KumbaAquariusSindhu or IndusApril 6-17, 2021
MinaPiscesPranhitaApril 13-24, 2022

Jupiter will move as per given zodiac sign in corresponding rivers and will celebrate Pushkaram festival in mention dates above.

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