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Traveling is never ended process. Nobody is here who does not like to roam. Travel can be done by Bus, Train, Flight, Foot, own vehicle like car & caravan and now in today’s time most of the traveler like to travel by Bike. They are called Bike Rider. In today’s All Travel Story blog, the main emphasis on Motorcycle Riding Gear for bikers which are used or can say must be used by Motorcycle riders. Whether on a local drive or long drive destination.

Safety must be the main priority. Whether it is head protection by good quality helmets, using Riding Jackets, Riding Pants, Riding Gloves or Riding Boots, etc. These products are specially designed for motorcycle rider protection while driving on road in case of an accident or fall. These riding gears are the last line of safety for riders.

Multiple brands deal in motorcycle safety riding gear i.e Rynox, Revzilla, Motogear, Sparton Progear, Biking Brotherhood and many more. Here is a list of riding gear that every rider must have during his/her motorcycle ride.

A helmet is the most important safety gear which protects from a head injury, wind blast, flying objects or weather. There are different types of helmet i.e. full-face helmet, modular helmet (flip-up helmet), open face helmet. But helmet should fit in the head, neither loose nor too much tight else it can make you feel discomfort while driving or can create neck pain.

Selecting perfect size helmet – When you move or rotate a perfect size helmet after wearing it. It should move the skin of your head and face slightly but not too tight. And if helmet moves freely on your head then go for a smaller size.

Always try new helmet for a few minutes and check any discomfort like red marks on your forehead or chicks. Always check a gap between your chin and front end of the helmet.

A helmet should be lightweight and preferably an outer shell made up of polycarbonate and the inner shell should be made of EPS (Expanded polystyrene) liner system and removable inner padding so that it can be removed and washed periodically.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight crushable foam. It is highly effective in reducing the impact to your head during any hit.

Never use the helmet of others, because the size of each head is different. It may be loose or tight to you. It should be a wide-field vision view visor.

Riding Jackets

Riding jackets are specially designed for protection from accidents, windblast and flying objects. Whether it is leather or mesh it neither loose nor tight, it should be fit. Jackets protect from rash on-road but it does not protect from the fracture in the bone if fallen harshly on road. But to some extent it saves skin being rashed.

Riding Jacket has shoulder, elbow and back armors for protection. It also protects from windblast, sunburn and from rain as mostly jackets have rain liner fitted in it. Nowadays all season riding jacket comes in 03 layers (rain liner, warm liner, and mesh for summer ride). These are removable layers and can be used as per weather conditions.

These riding jackets have an inner waterproof pocket for securely keeping documents in rainy conditions. Jackets should have a reflective piping so that riders could visible easily in dark time when light fall on it.

Riding Pants

As for riding jackets, pants also protect from scratch, sunburn. Riding pants have armors like jackets. Pant has knee protectors and as well as hips & thigh protectors. Riding pant & jacket should be of the same brand as both have zip lock options around the waist for better fitment. Pants should have a reflective piping being visible during night time under the headlights.

Riding Gloves

Riding gloves protect the hand from wet, cold and hot weather, and also protect from scratching hand while falling on the road. It provides a better grip on the handle. While purchasing gloves be to ensure it has a wrist strap so that it could not pull out while riding, hard protection at the backside on knuckles and fingers, and also has rubber padding at palm area which resist at the time of skidding on the road.

It is better if the index finger has a rubber strip to wipe out water drops on visor while riding in the rain. And last and most is that it is not possible to grip handle properly if the size is big also will feel discomfort with a smaller size, so it should be proper in size.

Knee Guards

Most riders keep riding pants in last in their safety gear list. But who like to wear jeans and other non-riding pants, they prefer to wear knee guards for safety purposes. In short, can say knee guard is a substitute of riding pants to some extent.

Riding Boots

These are different from ordinary shoes. These are specially designed for riding purposes. They protect foot and ankles against wrenched, crushed or twisted in a crash and also keep the foot dry in rains as these are waterproof at some level.

Riding boots should be above ankle height. Motorcycle Riding Boots should be comfortable and fit well. Motorcycle boots not only protect from a road accident, but they also save the foot from hot exhaust, cold & hot waves while riding.

I hope you like the information given about Motorcycle Riding Gear.

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