Manali Igloo Stay

Manali Igloo stay, Igloo stay in manali

Manali igloo stay is a new concept of stay in snow huts. Igloo house and living a life as Eskimo is popular among tourists in countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many more. But now it is also available in India. In Sethan Village in Hamta Valley near Manali in Himachal Pradesh is now prime Igloo stay in manali. Igloo stay in Hampta is India’s first snow house for adventure lovers to stay in a relaxing atmosphere and feel special.

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It is a memorable stay in the winter holidays with your loved ones. This Igloo resort manali is situated at an altitude of 9000ft near Sethan Village in Hamta Valley, Manali.

Manali Igloo stay

These Igloo house was built on experiment basis by 02 local residents, Tashi & Vikas around 04 years ago. As per them they did research and got knowledge on google and youtube on which weather condition is suitable for sustaining Igloo house. Initially, they built a hut for their use but later on, they did it for tourists.

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And because of its uniqueness, it is extremely popular among enthusiastic tourists who want to spend a night or two in private snow hut in a warm and cozy bed.

The owners of these Igloo house said that it is difficult to maintain shapes of these huts as it depends on temperature.

The igloo house are decorated with fancy lights with white-colored background inside it. And can enjoy bonfire outside to feel the perfect wonderland.

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Igloo Resort Manali Activities

In daytime tourists enjoy snow activities of skiing, making snowman, sliding and snowboarding and during night, warm and cozy bed make you feel warm in below freezing point temperature of Himachal Pradesh and enjoy bonfire and music with new friends outside of your hut.

How to Construct Igloo House?

Igloo house is a form of dome and made of blocks of Ice in low-temperature areas. Blocks are made up of Ice and then these blocks use for making huts. And as soon as temperature increase this ice melt. So, this snow stay sustain only in low temperature and in India they are formed temporarily because of weather change.

Manali Igloo Stay Booking

For staying Igloo house in Manali you have to book in advance as these are now prime location among tourists in winter vacations. Single hut is booked on twin sharing basis. Manali igloo stay price is approx 10,500rs per couple.

What to bring at Igloo house Manali?

Warm wollen cloths with warm woollen cap, inner thermal for wearing inside your ski clothings, waterproof gloves, thick cotton or woollen socks, Sweater/ fleece upper, Sun glasses (MUST) & suns cream

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Location of Igloo House Manali

Sethan, Village, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175143

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