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Holi Festival of Colors is one of the most Vibrant and Colorful festivals in India. Holi is the festival of Hindu but celebrated among all religions. It is a festival of colors and symbol of love and unity. It is believed that on this day people forget their old bitterness and became friends again. It is celebrated not only in India but peoples from all over the world love to play it. There is the mythology behind this festival that shows it is a symbol of victory of good over evil.

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It is celebrated in the month of Falgun (Indian Calendar) so it is also known as the falguni festival. This festival celebrates 2 days, it starts with Holika Dahan as on Chhoti Holi in the evening and next day people celebrate Dhulandi Holi or Colour Holi with their friends and family members. On this day people throw Gulal & Abeera on each other, and dance on Holi songs and children enjoy with pichkaris and throw colored water on each others.

In the evening after bathing and wearing new clothes, people visit their known place and feed them Gujhiya, snacks and other sweets. Gujhiya is the main dish of Holi which is made from Maida and Mawa (Khoya)  and consists of dry fruits and sweets.

Holika Dahan was related to the most famous story of bhakta Prahlada. He was devotees of Lord Vishnu and son of aura king Hiranyakashipu. In ancient times there was a devil named Hiranyakashipu. Boasting of his power, he started calling himself a god. He ordered all the people in his kingdom not to worship Lord Vishnu. But his son Prahalad did not obey his command and continued his worship to Lord Vishnu.

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Angry by Prahlada’s devotion to God, Hiranyakashipu gave him many hard punishments even the death penalty. But Prahalad did not change his devotion to god.

Hiranyakashipu’s sister Holika had a boon that she could not be burnt in the fire. So, Hiranyakashipu ordered her to sit in the fire with Prahlad on her lap. They assumed that Prahlad will burn and Holika will be safe due to boon by god. But at last, Holika got burnt and Prahlad survived.

This incident creates an example of the victory of good over evil. Now Holika Dahan is celebrated on this day in memory of devotee Prahlada.

The Tradition of Playing Holi with Colours

The tradition of playing Holi with colors started by Lord Krishna and Radha. It is said that Krishna was in dark color and Radha had a fair complexion. Because of this Krishna was jealous of Radha. The same complaint they told to his mother, then mother Yashoda told him to color Radha’s face. Krishna did the same. Since then this tradition started to color on one’s beloved face.

Holi 2020

Holi in 2020 will begin on the evening of 09 March 2020, Monday with Holika Dahan and end on the evening of 10 March 2020, Tuesday.

Happy Holi, All Travel Story

Holi is celebrated in every part of India and even all over the world but Holi in Brij is very much famous. Brij is also called Braj or Brijbhoomi, is a region in India with a center at Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, and Nandgaon in Uttar Pradesh. This region is related to Lord Krishna, who was born in Mathura and spent his childhood in Vrindavan.

Mathura Vrindavan ki Holi

Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna and in Vrindavan, he spent his childhood. So both the places are well known for the celebration of the Holi festival. Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan is very famous among tourist and pilgrims from all over the world.

The best place to celebrate Holi is Dwarkadheesh Temple in Mathura and Banke-Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. Pilgrims and visitors are free to play Holi inside the temple with Lord Krishna.

Here Holi is celebrated for a week and continues untill the main celebration day.

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Lathmar Holi

Lathmar Holi celebrates between neighboring towns of Barsana and Nandgaon near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. This is called Lathmar Holi because peoples play Holi with thick sticks (lath).

As per legends, Lord Krishna was from Nandgaon and his beloved Radha was from Barsana village. Lord Krishna visited Barsana village on this day to tease her and her friends. And Radha Ji playfully beat them with sticks and chased them away from Barsana.

Following the same rituals, men of Nandgaon do the same. They visit Barsana to tease women but there they welcome by thick sticks that are called lath. Women of Barsana beat them by sticks and men try to shield themselves as much as they can.

And very next day the same type of Holi celebrates in Nandgaon as people from Barsana come to Nandgaon as per rituals.


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Wishing you a Very Happy & Colorful Holi

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