Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus starts from Wuhan city in China in December 2019, and till now its already spreads in many countries. Earlier it was known as nCoV (novel coronavirus) but now its name changed to Covid-19 by Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) Mr. Tedros Adhanom in Geneva after declared it as world pandemic disease.

Coronavirus disease causes due to respiratory infection and it is a group of multiple viruses. Coronavirus symptoms show from the common cold to serious diseases like as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) in 2003 was affected almost 8000 people in 26 countries.

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Coronavirus spread when a healthy person comes in contact with a sick person. When an infected person cough and spit openly then virus from his droplets comes into air and affect another person via his eyes, nose, and mouth. Covid-19 stands for  ‘Co‘ means corona, ‘V’ means a virus, and ‘D‘ means disease and originated in the 2019 year.

As per WHO news, this disease is zoonotic, transmitted between people and animals.

Coronavirus Cause & Symptoms

Coronavirus disease starts from the common cold and later on infected person face issue of fever, cough, facing problem in breathing, running nose and in more serious condition this disease cause pneumonia, kidney failure and last is death.

Precautions for Coronavirus

  1. First of all avoid going to crowded areas, because you don’t know who might be infected. As symptoms don’t show immediately after a person got infected among the crowd. It takes approx 14 days to declare a person is a Covid-19 positive.
  2. Avoid contact from an infected person whose symptoms are showing above. Keep away at least 01 to 02 meters from a person who is coughing and sneezing. As droplets of infected persons while coughing or sneezing may contain viruses that can infect you.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly & frequently by soap and running water or alcohol-based hand rub till elbow by cleaning of backside also and between fingers, the nail should be cut.
  4. Covering mouth and nose with a clean cloth, tissue paper and mask. Mask should not use 2nd day and used tissue & mask must be disposed of in closed dustbin very carefully. And do not spit openly if you are infected and same suggest to others.
  5. Avoid touching hands to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Because hands might be touched many infected objects and viruses can transmit into your body via eyes, nose, and mouth.
  6. This virus spread by spray while coughing and sneezing, so better to keep eyes around you, and instruct that infected person should use tissue or face mask and ensure that a person should follow good practice of hygiene.

If you feel any discomfort in breathing, cold or flu, you should contact your doctor immediately before getting in severe condition.

Coronavirus Affected Travel & Tourism

This deadly virus affects many industries. And Travel & Tourism is one of them. Many countries banned tourists from other countries.

As shared above that this is a respiratory virus, spread easily in touching or in contact with an infected person. So, WHO share guidelines to travelers not to go to affected areas, and if it is necessary then be sure to maintain proper distance approx 01-02mtr minimum and wash your hand with soap with running water or with alcohol-based hand rub after touching to someone or any object which might be infected.

If a person gets infected then symptoms will appear in 14 days. So, when a person returns from any infected area, he/she should do self-monitor to 14 days. If any discomfort observes then should contact the medical team immediately for treatment.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable for travelers to be ensured that they have travel insurance. Because you may not be sure about medical availability abroad or you may face costly treatment as most of the places medical treatment is available at private clinics. And in emergency cases, travelers need to be evacuated. So, travel insurance help into this matter a lot.

So health insurance has coverage in case of illness, hospitalization, emergency evacuation due to health reasons or in the repatriation of the body in any incident.

Stay Healthy During Traveling

Here are a few tips, which should be followed by travelers, especially in the current scenario of Coronavirus disease – COVID-19.

  1. Should avoid traveling if you are infected with cough, flu or any disease. As infected persons get easily infected by this virus.
  2. Be ensure to make distance with an infected person, avoid close contact, don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching to someone. Wash your hand with alcohol-based hand rub or soap.
  3. Must eat only well-cooked food. Should avoid stale food.
  4. Avoid contact animals, because you never know that this animal may be infected in the initial stage.

  5. If you are infected with cough or cold then cover your mouth & nose with tissue or mask. And be sure to replace mask after every single use and wash your hands after mask removing.

If you become infected then contact the medical team immediately.

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Coronavirus Protection Mask

Using a Mask is only protection to prevent Covid-19 for both persons. If you are a suspected person then you should wear a face mask and also If you are a healthy person then you should wear it.
Always clean your hand with soap and alcohol-based hand rub before using and after removing the mask and should be disposed of in the closed dustbin.
And don’t touch mask with your hand while using, if you need to do, then make sure hand should be clean thoroughly.
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Coronavirus Protection Hand Sanitizer

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This coronavirus is declared an pandemic disease by the World Health Organization, So, precaution is better than cure. Always make a distance from person, place or object which might have coronavirus infection. If you feel cough, running nose or difficulty in breathing then immediately contact your doctor. And avoid traveling if it is not necessary.

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