Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

You are well-known familiar with the other Haunted Places in Delhi but this is secret and not much explored historical places information of Delhi. Today in this All Travel Story Blog we are pointing to historic sitesBhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal” Horror monument in Delhi. Even Police do not allow peoples to go there in dark time or after sunset.

This place is in Karol Bagh near a 10-minute walk from Jhandewalan Metro Station, and this area is identified as the busiest market in Delhi but it has one of the secrets, Heritage and Most Haunted Places in Delhi and also it is very old structure.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ki Kahani

भूली भटियारी महल is an around 600 years old an inn and Hunting Lodge for the Royal Parties built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. He also built Malcha Mahal and other buildings too. He used to stay here during the hunting season as a hunting lodge and the rest of the time it’s treated as Inn.

Many nomad peoples used it as Inn for their stay during their journey.

The forest surrounding this monument is now not so dense as was earlier. Because lots of urban development has been done nearby. Preservation of historical monuments is under the archeological survey of India (ASI) but it still in nearly ruins condition because of the negligence of repair.

People attract here in the belief of expecting to hear some strange noise as being home of several haunting and popular rumors because of Bhatyaran who forgets her way back home.

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Structure of Mahal

There are a 2.5 feet low height wall outside of historic sites for resting. Don’t confirm that, it was made earlier or made by Delhi Tourism.

This monument has twin gate entry from the north-east side. Let’s enter in Bhuli Bhatyari ka Mahal. We enter it through Metal Gate of the height of around 14-18 feet. There is a small zone where around 20 people maximum can gather. After that, there is another huge open gate. After crossing it we found a large rectangular courtyard with many trees in it.

Bhooli Bhatiyari ka Mahal


There are 04 rooms connected with this lawn. Which might be used by soldiers for Storage of their weapons or food items only. Because these rooms were very small in size. I have given a link of YouTube videos of the same from

Click here for video: Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

There is a platform on one side of the courtyard and near the main gate. There are stairs at one side of the courtyard. Which goes to the roof of the mahal. From there we can see all the lawn on one side and can watch adjacent forests on the other side.

Why the name of “Bhooli Bhatiyari”?

There are two theories behind this title. One theory suggests that this place, after the Tughlaq Dynasty, became an abode of a Sufi saint named ‘Bu Ali Bakhtiyari’. One day this saint got disappeared mysteriously and later on Bhooli Bhatiyari is simply a distorted form of his name ‘Bu Ali Bakhtiyari’.

The other theory suggests that there was a Bhatiyarin (a tribal lady from Rajasthan), They were a nomad and traveled in groups and maybe she forgot her way back and ended up here. After her, the place became famous as ‘Bhooli Bhatiyari’.

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How to Reach Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

Access to this place is very easy. The main landmark is the famous 108 Foot Sankat Mochan Dham, Siddh Hanuman Mandir, Karol Bagh next to Bajaj Bagga Link Services. Near Jhandewalan Metro Station Gate no 3.

108 Foot Sankat Mochan Dham, Siddh Hanuman Mandir , Karol Bagh


Right behind this Bagga Link, a small road before Vandemataram Marg goes deep into the Southern Ridge of Delhi.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal


After a few walking distances on this road on your right-hand side, you will find a strange structure. This structure is claimed to be the most haunted place in Delhi.

There are no entry fees to enter into this building as there are not any Security Guard. This structure building has only one Iron gate which is not locked. Only a paper note stick on that. The only thing that guards this massive structure is a note written at the entrance, which tells people not to come near this place after sunset.

As per locals said the security guard who deployed here didn’t serve his job more than 2-3 days. Even though they said that “We don’t believe in all that but still there is something suspicious”.

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Is it Haunted?

Personally, I didn’t face any haunting experience at this place. I visited there as on 13 Oct 2019 with facebook friends group of Ghumakkari. Dil Se {घुमक्कड़ी.दिल से} during Photowalks.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal


YouTube Video Link

YouTube Video Link URL is sharing below about Photo Walk at this haunted place.

Click here: YouTube/durgeshvlogs

We did not notice any such negative sense during day time and but no idea about night time…maybe she has a night shift there (just joking).

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Bhuli bhatiyari ka mahal opening time

Timing is 7 am to 5 pm but better to go after Sunrise and before Sunset.

Bhuli bhatiyari for couples

Yes, it is safe for couples but still, be aware of not to stay after sunset or don’t go deep in the forest.

Bhuli bhatiyari ka mahal exact location

Address: Central Ridge Reserve Forest, New Delhi

Even I did not face anything suspicious, but If you have experienced anything special here.

Pls, do comments below.

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