12 ways How to be Safe in Essential Travel During the Coronavirus

Essential travel during the coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus Disease or in short we can say it COVID-19 is now declared pandemic all over the world by WHO. This Corona Virus originated from Wuhan city in China and now spreads everywhere in the world. Mostly all the countries are fighting with this virus.

Essential travel during the coronavirus

Doctors & scientists are working hard to develop medicines and antidote for this virus. Till then few guidelines given to all by their government officials. Most of the countries have declared Lockdown in their region. And instruct to all not to travel during the coronavirus pandemic until it is very essential.

But there are many critical services in the government like, security, medical, telecom, and other government department etc. They have to serve their nation and for that, they need to travel. In that case, they should follow guidelines shared by govt. medical authorities to save themselves and their families from this Corona Virus Disease 2019.

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Here are 12 basic protective precaution guidelines to prevent COVID-19 while on essential travel.

Maintain Social Distancing

It is advised by the medical team that you should follow social distancing in any condition. Social distancing is also called physical distancing. As this virus disease is contagious. So, Social Distancing is advised to all. This virus can move from an object or human body to other human body or objects.

Should maintain at least 01-meter distance from others to prevent from coronavirus spreading further, it is advised to all not to go outside of their houses and avoid any not essential travel except arranging food, medical care.

Wear Mask to protect self and others from infection


Even you are healthy then you should wear a facemask to protect yourself, or if you are sneezing and coughing then wear it to protect others from you. As this disease spread by the droplets coming out from an infected person’s mouth. And a normal person got infected through his/her mouth, nose and eyes if he/she comes in contact of these droplets.


So, better to wear facemask as nobody knows about initials stage of infected person. If mask not available then cover your mouth with cloth. And when removing the mask, then it should be touch from behind and after using of single-use mask, it should be disposed of properly in a closed bin.

Wash your hand whenever possible

wash-hands with alcohol-based hand rub

As mentioned above about to wear facemask. Wearing facemask is more effective with washing hands frequently by soap with running water and alcohol-based hand rub. Hand should be wash before wearing and after removing mask. And do not touch mask without a clean hand.

And also during travel as much as possible you should wash hands thoroughly as this kills virus that may be on your naked hands.

Keep sanitizer & wipe tissues

Essential travel during the coronavirus

The Coronavirus can sustain for days on objects. So, when you are on essential travel then it may not be possible to wash hands with soap or alcohol-based hand rub regularly. Then you should keep liquid sanitizer for your hands and sanitized wipe tissues or spray to clean the surface where you are going to seat or touch e.g chair armrest, tabletop, door handle, keyword & mouse of other PC and common toilet utilities and many more things which you might touch accidentally.

Always wear gloves

Wearing gloves and changing them frequently while traveling may reduce the chances of getting infected from the virus. Because there may be a chance that your hand touch many places and contaminated with virus and this virus can transfer through your hand to your eyes, nose or mouth into your body and make you sick. So, advised to wear gloves.

Don’t touch public shared surfaces

It is advised that travelers should avoid as much as possible to touch common public surfaces with bare hands. Because that public surfaces might be infected with virus. A virus can live for days on a surface if it is not sanitized properly. If it is necessary to touch, then use tissues or wear gloves in hands and dispose of them after use in a closed bin.

Should wear full sleeves clothes

When you are out of your house and in public places that public place might be infected with the virus. And we tried to avoid touching surfaces with our hands as much as possible. But it might be possible that our forearms got touched by the infected objects. And gloves only cover till wrist. So, it is better to wear full sleeves clothes to cover the arms.

Keep sanitizing your phone and wallet

As we noticed that we wash our hands, sanitized them. But we ignored our mobile, watch and wallet to get sanitized. Because these are the things which we touch most frequently in any situation. So, these objects should be clean with sanitizer spray and wipe with clean tissues multiple times in a day.

Keep eyes on other peoples around you

When you are out of your house then it is not known who is infected or who is not. So, keep your eyes on others. If someone is sneezing or coughing, touching public surfaces without cleaning his/her hands, not wearing gloves and facemask. Then it is better to maintain distance from him/her.

Seat away from other passengers

When we are on essential travel that can not be canceled, then it may be possible that we travel in public transport e.g. plane, train, bus or cab. Then be sure to seat with appropriate distance after cleaning seat and armrest with sanitized tissues or spray.

Try to avoid public transport

If it is required to travel in an emergency, then pls use your car instead of using public transport and avoid mass gathering. Because public transport vehicles is used by many peoples and might not possible that these vehicles is sanitized before your ride.

But in your vehicle, you are sure that it is only used by you and it reduce the chances of getting infected from others.

Old age people avoid to travel

As per medical observations, it is noticed that if you are above the age of 50 or 60, then your chances of suffering from this disease is higher than a younger person. So, if possible younger people should go for essential travel with all precautions mentioned above.

Here are the few guidelines for Essential Travel during The Coronavirus Pandemic which must be follow if travel can’t cancel.

I hope this pandemic disease will cure very soon and we all return to our routine life. Till then

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Pls, share your valuable comments, suggestions and your experience of how you are managing your essential travel & life during this period.

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